My opinion

"Opinions are like arse holes, everyone's got one"

I happen to think that many of the opinions I see on social media are stupid - now it's my turn (so shoot me) \o/

3 April 18

17 August 17

10 Aug 17
Inspirational people in the IBD community

28 June 17
When people that don't understand the cause and management of IBD make statements about them

27 May 17 ~ The Mighty 
People with IBD deserve to be cured, not managed

21 April 17

3 April 17
Twitter cosmetics | One less egg this Easter

16 Jan 17
Dear Aloe Vera rep | open letter to those targeting Crohn's and Colitis sufferers

15 Dec 16

18 Nov 16
Harnessing the power of social media for good

11 Aug 16
Dear inappropriate lady with your colostomy bag at the pool today... WOW 

24 June 16
BREXIT - This is what we have now

24 April 16
When people say stupid shit online