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Diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis aged 19 in 2007.
Total colectomy (colon removed) and temp ileostomy 1 week later.
“Clean out” due to Sepsis 4 days post-op.
Ileo-anal pouch (Jpouch) built 2008 - connected 2009.
Surgery to untwist intestine, remove an abscess and temp ileostomy mid-2014
- reversed late 2014.
Steroid-dependent, antibiotic-refractory Pouchitis since 2009, apart from Azathioprine-induced 10 month remission, and during/straight after ileostomy in 2014.
Jpouch to be removed in 2018.
My skin has ongoing issues... Acne, psoriasis and steroid-induced rosacea have all played a part in my life since diagnosis.

31 May 17
Join me on The IBD & Ostomy Show, Thursday 8th of June 

19 May 17
The importance of a Pizza Party

11 Dec 16
I've ALWAYS wanted to be Pocahontas

16 Aug 16
My boss designed a new induction pack | Introducing... ME

2 Aug 16
Yes I have IBD, but Ynot go to a festival?

24 Dec 15
I LOVE Christmas... And cheese

21 Oct 15

28 Sep 15
I met Ron FUCKING Weasley!

26 Sep 15
I'm a closet romantic... shhh

17 Sep 15
Winner of the East Midlands Chamber 'Young Person in Business Award'

11 Sep 15
WINNER of ITV's Pride of Britain 'Fundraiser Award' - East Midlands

9 May 15
Tortoise drama

4 Feb 15

20 March 14
Where my IBD Awareness raising / fundraising began