Thursday, 17 August 2017

Why are we so obsessed with who unfriended / unfollowed us?

Why are we so obsessed with who unfriended / unfollowed us? If it’s someone important, you’d notice. If it’s not, why do you care?

People spend far too much time concerning themselves with who dislikes them. WHY?!

I would like you to complete a task for me, right now.

Count how many people are in your life, that you would REALLY miss if they were gone. Do not include the people on social media that you see from someone that you often find yourself relating to or laughing at. Think about actual people that would leave a gaping hole in your life...

Those, (I am assuming here), very few people are the ones that matter, NOBODY else.

It is an impossible task to set oneself, to be liked by all.

Of course negative comments about the kind of person you are sting a little sometimes. You’re only human, but they do not matter, and they will not change the opinion of those around that you truly know you. The only people that care about the poison people spread are the sheep.

To quote Game of Thrones
Stop wasting your time with shit apps and worrying about people that really don’t impact your life. 

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