Wednesday, 1 February 2017

The new (and improved?) LinkedIn

There has been a distinct crossover between Facebook and LinkedIn for some time now, much to the dismay of LinkedIn’s professional users.

The increase in pouty pictures from nights out, quote images and memes has been obvious, and there is no doubt that these are far more appropriate for Facebook friends, not business contacts on a professional networking site.

It is impossible to deny that the latest LinkedIn update has a ‘Facebook feel’, right down to the little chat-box that appears in the bottom right corner. Whilst new LinkedIn members may find this comfortable and familiar because of their Facebook usage, long-time users appear to be understandably irritated that the network has chosen to seemingly produce a Facebook lookalike, further blurring the line between professional and personal.

Complaints began rolling in immediately after the update:

“Some of the new features don’t work great”

“The new site has removed the best feature Linkedin ever had ‘Advanced Search’ which enabled you to identify any decision maker at any company, anywhere in the word – for free. They have also done a ‘Windows 10’ on it and hidden everything!”

“I don’t like that you can no longer sort updates by “most recent.” I liked being able to see the most recent updates in chronological order.”

Why on earth would they remove the ability to sort the feed in order to view in the (reverse) order? We are supposed to view by some seemingly random order? Oh, sorry, I mean order of “relevance”. But relevant to who?

And some people even went as far as collating a whole lists of hatred:

LinkedIn says “we’ve taken a thoughtful approach to ensure we’re delivering a simplified LinkedIn experience that's more intuitive, faster and creates more value for our members.”   

I understand the frustration of using LinkedIn in a particular way and then having that resource taken away and being required to pay for the luxury, I feel it too! This is something that has happened countless times since its conception but the main factor to be considered here is that LinkedIn is a business, and like any other business their goal is to make money.

Whatever your personal opinion, the new LinkedIn interface is here to stay.

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