Friday, 9 December 2016

Together, you’ll see | Poem

You’re different now, you’re old and frail,
Thinner skinned and always pale,
Your hair is shorter, your body weak,
Your voice is fainter as it’s harder to speak.
You’re not as happy and barely smile,
You wouldn’t be capable of walking a mile,
We don’t communicate like we used to,
When we’d just have a natter over a brew.
You don’t remember times that we’ve shared,
You don’t remember when you truly cared.
 Sometimes I mourn for what we have lost,
And many times, swords have been crossed,
I know It’s been difficult, for you and for me,
But we’ll always get through it, together, you’ll see.
I no longer know you, that much is true,
But I learn every day how to keep loving you.

- Carers UK creative writing competition

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