Sunday, 11 December 2016

I've always wanted to be Pocahontas

Since the release of Pocahontas in 1995, when I was just 7 years old, my wish has been to have blue streaks running through long, dark, straight flowing hair...

I'm sure most women will be aware that dying your hair dark and then trying to strip that colour enough to have blue streaks is difficult AND really damaging hair! Not only that, but you're lucky if the colour stays in more than a few weeks and with me needing to wash my hair even single day I'd have lucky to keep them for a week.

I had a brain wave! Extensions!

Well I've previously had micro ring extensions which just slid straight back out of my hair... twice! Last year I tried adding blue extensions with a micro ring that has silicon on the inside, which is supposed to grip the hair better. Again, a week later, they had all come out.
So, I've gone with having them glued in. So far so good. I haven't lost one 4 days later.

My hair is half permed (yet another thing that didnt't work). Two attempts left me with wavy and straight patches BUT I'm thinking when it's eventually straight again, I will Dye it black, have only blue extensions put in, and FINALLY BE Pocahontas!

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