Friday, 18 November 2016

Harnessing the power of social media for good

Let’s be honest, social media generally has a bad rep for being a place in which you can be hunted down and strung up for having an opinion. Keyboard warriors and internet trolls, lurking in the depths of the World Wide Web, waiting for someone and something to create a drama about.

Even I to an extent, play my part here. When I come across some uneducated twat on Twitter making comments about ‘shit bags are disgusting, cover yourself up love’ etc, I’ll take a screenshot and set the troops on them… Why? Because I can!

But the internet isn't always a bad place to be. Social Media CAN be harnessed for good. Facebook groups and forums make nice little private areas for communities to come together, whether it be a hobby or a disease that they all have in common. Twitter is great for searching keywords to find info and news on things that interest you. Pinterest can be a happy place, full of treasures you may never get to own and YouTube for those down days when you need to laugh at other people’s misfortune or just cheer yourself up with a favourite song or two.

My favourite part of social media is the trends. Logging in to twitter this morning, I find #ChildrenInNeed trending, which if am completely honest, I totally forgot was airing tonight, and is completely irrelevant because I will be at the cinema WATCHING FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM!

That aside, the point is that you don’t have to log in and follow the drama that trends daily – Trump, Brexit, shooting’s and plan crashes… You can choose to follow the positive. You can choose to click on #Spotacular, #FridayFeeling, #MotivationMonday, #NoMakeUpSelfie, granted you will also be subjected to some porn somewhere in the midst of all the positivity and some company trying to sell you something (don’t shoot them, this is what I do for a living, everybody’s got to sell)!

Social Media SHOULD be about connecting with people, about sharing aspects of your life and your achievements with people that are happy for you and want to celebrate your successes, and it does have the power to do that.

If only so many people weren't so shitty and bored huh?!

There IS positivity online. People DO harness the power of social media for good - awareness and fundraising, the fact that thousands of people under the same sky are looking at the same super moon and watching the same comets at the same time. Watching your favourite show or movie and being able to log in to Twitter and celebrate your inner nerd with the other tweeting nerds out there, ALL OVER THE WORLD, and that really is amazing. 

This is what social media should really be about – being a part of something bigger, something good!

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