Monday, 7 December 2015

Do you think #GetYourBellyOut has had an effect on you or the public perception of Inflammatory Bowel Disease? If so, how?

I usually ramble on in my blogs so I have set myself a challenge – 200 words max per blog for Crohn’s and Colitis awareness week! 

Here is where we (hopefully) get to feel warm and fuzzy inside for making a difference! No matter how big or small we have affected you, we want to hear it.
#GetYourBellyOut aims to raise awareness of IBD, fundraise to find a cure through Social Media campaigns and merchandise and support those suffering through our Facebook group, Twitter and meets.

I don’t know if I should answer this really. Of course I am going to say yes!

We’ve made over 40,000 pounds worth of difference.
We’ve brought people together in friendships and romantic relationships.
We’ve spent many hours supporting people suffering with IBD, til some god awful hours in the morning.
We’ve gained some truly loyal supporters who take part in every little idea we have.
We’ve got Crohn’s and Colitis on TV (Pride of Britain).
We’ve got Crohn’s and Colitis in the papers and lots of magazines and lots of online stories.
We’ve arranged meets so that sufferers get to meet other people that they don’t have to explain everything to.
We’ve got awareness merchandise that has been shipped around the globe.
We’ve gained the trust and support of national charity Crohn’s and Colitis UK.
We’ve had the biggest party / gathering of IBDers in the form of a charity ball.

Some people still think we’re an ostomy campaign and that’s unfortunate but slowly we will make a difference. Slowly WE WILL make the world understand IBD.

And on a more personal level, #GetYourBellyOut saved my life and made me comfortable with me.

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