Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Would you like to feature in the #GetYourBellyOut charity calendar?!

Of course you would!

We are running a competition to give YOU the chance to feature in our #GetYourBellyOut charity calendar!

As with all #GetYourBellyOut merchandise, all calendar profits will go to Crohn’s and Colitis UK.

Can you relate your pictures to IBD? What could be more related to IBD than a ‘cheeky’ bum or tum flash? Sexy, funny, cute, clever, WE WANT IT!!

Here are a few ideas to get your juices flowing! 


YOUR IMAGES MUST BE LANDSCAPE. Due to the layout of calendar, your pictures must be landscape or you will not fit on the page! 

All entries MUST be emailed to sahara@getyourbellyout.co.uk. Photo uploads to Facebook or Twitter will NOT be entered in to the competition.

Your entry MUST be received by 12noon (UK time) on Friday August 8th. Entries submitted after this time will NOT be entered in to the competition.

Only ONE entry will be accepted per person. If you submit more than one entry you will be asked to choose ONE of your entries to be uploaded to the Facebook album.

The #GetYourBellyOut calendar competition entries Facebook album will be uploaded on Saturday August 9th at 12noon (UK time). You will have two weeks to get your friends to pop over and give your picture a like.

Any edits you wish to make on your image must be carried out prior to submission. We will only print the exact photographs as they are uploaded to the album.

The 12 winners will be the pictures that receive the highest number of ‘Likes’ on Facebook before the voting deadline. The album will be removed from public view at 12noon (UK time) on Saturday August 23rd and votes will be counted.

The album will be made viewable again on Sunday August 24th. Any likes received on your pictures receive after this time will not count.

Winners will be announced on Sunday August 24th at 12noon (UK time).

To keep things fair, PLEASE DO NOT POST YOUR SUBMISSIONS ON SOCIAL MEDIA BEFORE the #GetYourBellyOut calendar competition entries Facebook album is uploaded. This will ruin the surprise, may make people bias towards your picture because of the hype you have built up around it giving you an unfair advantage or people may not think your photo is as good when they’ve already seen it previously. The #GetYourBellyOut team reserves the right to disqualify anyone posting submission entries before the entries album is uploaded.

Images deemed to be unsuitable for the #GetYourBellyOut calendar competition entries Facebook album will not be uploaded and therefore not eligible for votes.  

If your images are considered inappropriate or too graphic you will be notified prior to the Facebook album upload. This will not give you an extension on the submission deadline so if you are unsure about your images then you must submit them with enough time to be reviewed and a new entry submitted before the deadline.

If your image quality is poor then these may not be able to be printed and the image with the next highest number of likes.

Images will be printed as sent so you may want to check the background of your images for anything you may consider private such as if your image is taken near a landmark, this may advertise your geographic location. Pictures taken in your home will need to be checked by you to make sure that nothing which you consider personal is on display in the background.

Key dates to remember
Deadline for email submissions – 12noon (UK time) Friday August 8th
Album upload date – 12noon (UK time) Saturday August 9th
Deadline for votes (Likes) – 12noon (UK time) Saturday August 23nd
Competition winner announced – 12noon (UK time) Sunday August 24rd

Terms and conditions
By submitting your pictures via email to sahara@getyourbellyout.co.uk, you have given permission for us to use your pictures on our Facebook page and to print your pictures in our charity calendar.
Content posted to a page is public and viewable by everyone who can see the page.
The #GetYourBellyOut calendar will be printed and available to buy worldwide.
#GetYourBellyOut reserves the right to cancel the competition at any time.
This competition is promoted on Facebook and the winners will be selected based on the highest number of likes on each individual picture.
The #GetYourBellyOut calendar competition is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook. 

Good Luck!

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